About Our Business

Stonebridge Financial Services, Inc. was founded to solve the cash flow
problems of small to mid-sized companies.  We advance working capital
so that small business owners can concentrate on what they do best -
serving their customer needs and growing their companies, rather than
worrying when the next check is going to come in.

In today's tight credit markets, every business owner knows just how
important cash flow is.  Managing cash flow requires planning,
knowledge and innovative techniques.  When your customers keep you
waiting up to 30, 60 or even 90 days, your working capital is tied up in
accounts receivable.  Before coming to Stonebridge many of our clients
were tired of playing the 'mailbox lottery' - have you ever approached the
mailbox and wondered whether the check you have been waiting for is
there?  Without those payments coming in on time it can be difficult to
meet payroll, purchase inventory or even take on new clients.  That
makes it difficult for your business to grow and take advantage of
opportunities in the marketplace.  It can even threaten your solvency.  

Your business may be in the start-up stage, past the start-up stage or
you may need cash to develop an idea or a new product, or you find that
you need a larger line of credit.  Because of one reason or another,
banks cannot help you get the capital that you need.  Where can you

Stonebridge Financial Services, Inc. can provide you with a timely,
cost-effective solution for immediate cash for your receivables.  Through
our Receivable Funding Program, we will convert your invoices into cash
for immediate use.
About Us